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      Shenzhen city east and g electronic technology co., LTD. Is located in the pearl river delta famous manufacturing base, shunde district, foshan city, guangdong province, guangzhou 32 km distance, Hong Kong 127 km, transportation is very convenient.

      East and g company was founded in 2006, is a professional research and development, production, sales, audio equipment for the modernization of science and technology enterprises. Professional production and operation automatic feedback suppressor, digital shifter, KTV squeaking suppressor, teaching shift frequency power amplifier, digital intelligent mixers, hand in hand meeting system, camera tracking products and peripheral equipment high-tech private enterprises. After years of development, the company has all kinds of sound technical and professional staff more than, product stable mature, development innovation, customer's favor.

      East and g company since its inception, has focused on meeting, teaching, KTV, stage and acoustic and acoustic and acoustic feedback topical research, pay attention to the development of new technology and innovation and r&d investment, in the digital shifter and feedback suppressor fields have achieved certain results, have made "digital frequency shift unit" and "DSP shifter" national patent, and committed to KTV, meeting, teaching in the field of sound reinforcement application and development, we have developed KTV microphone squeaking suppressor, intelligent mixers, parameter digital shifter, DSP shifter, teaching shift frequency power amplifier, digital conference system products, get together and engineering contractor and terminal customers approval.

      Because specialty, so better, east and g company original 10 road intelligent mixers, completely according to the meeting, the court, taped and so on design, internal integration of the feedback inhibition, voice control door, pressure limit device, equalizer, built-in microprocessor can realize VISCA, PELCO, such as control protocol, the welcome by the market.

      East and g company has been the development of national education equipment business for responsibility, has captured analog frequency shift feedback inhibition technology, DSP shifter technology, adaptive feedback inhibition technology, etc., and comprehensive application in teaching amplification area, careful colleagues may find, east and

      grams of many products are with feedback inhibition technology; Feedback inhibition technique is applied to teaching, greatly enhance the microphone gain, pushing away pickup distance, combined with the latest technology of adaptive feedback inhibition technology and new interface microphone may reach 6-8 meters, solve the teacher classroom volume is not enough, easy to cause sore throat, etc;

      Take many months latest mould research and development of 2.4 G wireless microphone integrated the laser pointer, wireless PPT turn the page, wireless microphone, combined with active speakers and amplifiers for BanBan pass applications.

      East and g companies supporting advanced research and development, production, testing equipment, advanced SMT manufacturing process, the establishment of a sound market information feedback mechanism and good after-sales service guarantee system, to the "truth-seeking, innovation" is our persistent pursuit.

      Because the product the function is all ready, reliable performance, the cost perform ance is high, has been widely used in stage show, KTV rooms, state organs, the armed forces, public security, schools, Banks, industry and commerce, taxation, high-grade hotels, convention and exhibition center and so on various occasions sound reinforcement engineering, a few short years, product users get all over the country engineering contractor and the user's affirmation, have been widely applied to tens of thousands of sound reinforcement engineering.

      In 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Beijing, guangzhou light sound exhibition, east and g product by the industry and professional engineering business recognition and attention. In the information industry rapid development today, technology research and development, product updates and generation, the market marketing and organization, and management ideas and methods will constantly be endowed with higher meaning, to face the market, service to customers. We will continue to adjust and rich connotation of the development of enterprises, in order to more superb technology and more superior service into the market, service for users.

      The company produces the series of products using imported automatic SMT, wave soldering. Strict process and quality inspection to guarantee the quality of the product in the same industry in the first level, and ensure the punctual delivery time, quality and reasonable price. And to establish a sound market information feedback mechanism and good after-sales service guarantee system.

      East and g electronic motto of "inheritance professional spirit, to carry forward the national brand" the objective, want to customers think, urgent customer's need and get the majority of dealers and users must. Believe that tomorrow, in the spring breeze of the reform, relying on technology and research and development power, rely on the masses of users and engineering business support, we will provide you with more quality products! Better service!

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